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Success factor

Analyze and significantly increase the chances of success as a team with EDD.

EDD is a software for TeamDueDiligence®, which SUCCESS-RELEVANT CHARACTERISTICS in the interaction as a team and measures results in the BENCHMARK CONTEXT context. EDD thus enables a well-founded POTENTIAL- and RISK ASSESSMENT and shows how the PERFORMANCE AS A TEAM can be increased.

Success factor

Analyze and significantly increase the chances of success as a team with EDD.

EDD is a software for TeamDueDiligence®, that measures SUCCESS-RELEVANT CHARACTERISTICS in the interaction as a team and makes the results visible in the BENCHMARK CONTEXT. EDD thus enables a well-founded POTENTIAL- and RISK ASSESSMENT and a data-based PREDICTION of the TEAM PERFORMANCE.

Every company is an organization shaped by people. Their strength determines success and failure.

6 reasons for EDD

Activate potential2023-06-02T06:36:51+02:00

EDD recognizes the qualities that matter

Knowing the extent and significance of one's own strengths for entrepreneurial success allows one to deal with them in a conscious and goal-oriented manner and to use them with maximum effect.

Check self-assessment2023-06-02T06:34:49+02:00

EDD provides tangible benchmarks for an objective self-check

A benchmark comparison is not only an exciting thing to do, but also helps to realistically assess one's own opportunities and identify potential for improvement. Reflection is the beginning of any optimization.

Targeted further development2023-06-02T06:39:51+02:00

EDD creates the basis for personal growth with the status quo

EDD makes visible how well you complement each other as a team, how well you know each other and how you assess each other. For every coach, but also for you on your own, EDD provides the perfect data basis to work efficiently on the crucial points and to increase the chances of success.

Complete business plan2023-06-02T06:46:29+02:00

EDD is the culmination of a comprehensive business plan

A list of opportunities and risks is part of every proper business plan. With the EDD results you can prove a low team risk with data and score with highest transparency.

Minimize risks2023-06-02T06:39:21+02:00

EDD detects weak points and predetermined breaking points at an early stage

EDD illuminates exactly the points that will be important on your common path and lets you recognize where there could be trouble. This gives you the opportunity to take countermeasures in time and to be well prepared for future challenges.

Convince investors2023-06-02T06:47:26+02:00

EDD proves your potential for success as a team

Investors do not invest in ideas, products or plans, but in people. With EDD you put your cards on the table and underpin your abilities and potentials with a well-founded team analysis.

EDD is based on scientific principles


For us as an aid organization, it is incredibly important to have a well-functioning team. EDD provides us with an exciting tool for this purpose. With a very well thought-out and high-quality questionnaire, exactly the right points for the further development of the team are addressed. Through the targeted questions, which each team member answers for himself, we have received a realistic overview of our own strengths and weaknesses. The differences between external and self-perceptions as well as the comparison to the population average were also very interesting. All very valuable information from which we can draw important conclusions.

Marc Hellwing, ProjectWings

EDD was for us the missing piece of the puzzle to a 360° due diligence. EDD helped us to professionalize our decision-making process and to enrich gut decisions about the team with structured data. Our startups have also benefited from the analysis and are dealing with the right team setup at an early stage.

Stefan Kluppenegger, TM Group

EDD allows us to evaluate the key success factor in early-stage startups more precisely, namely the team and its composition. The detailed results of EDD enable a differentiated analysis of the human factor, and they also provide the founding teams with valuable insights into their strengths and potential.

Benedict Rodenstock, astutia ventures

We invest in pre-seed/seed phases and therefore to a large extent in founder:inside teams. EDD is a great support in assessing the teams and thus a great decision support.

We have been using EDD Team Due Diligence for some time and really appreciate the comprehensive assessment of teams. After initially conducting an assessment of our own team to better familiarize ourselves with the methodology and evaluation, we now always use it to assess potential venture capital investments in addition to financial/operational/legal due diligence. As the quality of the respective teams is the key success factor, we are happy to have a great tool at our disposal with EDD.

Armin J. Lang, ARVIQ Capital Partners

We found EDD to be a very exciting tool. Not only the questions, but especially the corresponding evaluation makes you think or shows things that you might have guessed before, but have not yet read in black and white. In this respect, the EDD is a very valuable tool for every founding team!

Florian Holzmayer, Balcosy

Both founders and potential investors are faced with the question of what skills a successful team must have. This question is not so easy to answer. With EDD, however, we were able to optimize ourselves even further on the basis of the results and expand our potential as teams.

René Nagl, FIVSEN
EDD provides detailed analyses



How strong is the team as a whole? Which characteristics are particularly pronounced, where are there shortcomings and potential for conflict? Is the team HOMOGEN or HETEROGEN?


Makes the characteristics of each team member visible in detail; expression, risk & value factors.


Reference values are used that show both the average characteristics of the population and the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

Excerpt from the report

Excerpt from the report

The team is the #1 success factor - and one of the main causes when startups fail - reason enough to put a data-driven focus on it.

The team is the number one success factor - and one of the main causes when startups fail - so reason enough to put a data-based focus on it

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Conducting an EDD - Team Due Diligence will not only create awareness, but also build momentum. Therefore, it is important to monitor it over a longer period of time.

A start analysis, a follow-up analysis (after approx. 3 months) and a final analysis (after approx. 6 more months) should therefore be carried out. This allows you to track exactly how you are developing as a team and what is increasing or decreasing. It is also possible to involve another team member in the process and check the effects on the joint potential for success.


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The decisive factor in EDD - Team Due Diligence is not just the snapshot, but that you observe yourselves as a team over a longer period of time. That is why every team due diligence process includes a start analysis, a follow-up analysis (after approx. 3 months) and a final analysis (after approx. 6 further months). Thus you can observe exactly what is increasing or decreasing over a longer period of time. It is also possible to involve another team member in the process.


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