Instructions for dismantling your brand

Every brand has its own history. It is characterised by the change of time, by different personalities, by low blows, rising again, touching and glamorous moments.

If you follow the recommendations below, you will surely break your brand in the quickest way possible:

  1. Watch what the competition is doing and do exactly the same.

If you let others develop and try it out, you save yourself a lot of effort. You also signal to your competitor that you think what they are doing is great.

  1. Do as much advertising as possible.

Go ahead and lay it on thick and use all possible and impossible possibilities to do so: Illuminated advertising in skyscraper format, a voucher on the cereal box, ... why not? If you are visible everywhere, you cannot be overlooked. Take your cue from the advertising budgets of the big players - your bank will certainly be happy to support you. After all, you want to make a big splash, not a small one, and if you want to be successful, you have to take a certain risk.

  1. So hire the advertising agency with the highest prices - it has to be the best.

Only established, award-winning agencies are able to meet your needs and put the brand in the appropriate spotlight. What else would justify their pricing?

  1. Be hip and trendy.

From now on, only greet business partners with a ghetto fist and call them "Diggie". Post, blog, vlog, tweet and snort for all you're worth. Please take selfies with employees, customers, friends and strangers regularly and always with a duckface and Snapchat filter. Start every sentence with "Ey" and include as many "swears" or similar as possible. Words of wisdom and cat videos always go down well. You have to keep up with the times!

  1. Offer bargains.

Make glitter lures, cast a line, collect customers. It's all so very easy! I'm sure you've got one or two old slow sellers lying around that nobody buys any more anyway. Spruce it up a bit, dub it a "one-time super duper overstock" and get ready for the big rush. Mass instead of class is the motto!

Irony over. Your brand is your greatest treasure. Treat it with care!