Conscientiousness & Discipline

describes the love of order and accuracy. People with a high expression in this area are structured, meticulous and often tend towards perfectionism. Conscientiousness is a key characteristic when it comes to completing necessary tasks. Conscientious people look for the one perfect solution, systematically analyze and meticulously check all details. When building effective structures and

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Perseverance & Persistence

Describes the tendency to consistently pursue goals even when resistance, setbacks or exhaustion occur. Persistent people maintain their motivation over a long period of time, are not discouraged by anything and - come what may - stick to goals once they have been set. People with high perseverance values are more anxious to achieve professional and extra-professional goals.

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Propensity to act

Describes the realization of intentions to act - the willingness to actually seize entrepreneurial opportunities. While others simply take note of their environment, those who are ready to act see it as full of opportunities and possibilities (opportunity detection) and are ready to take immediate action if they see it as worthwhile. In all personality-theoretical approaches to the start-up process, the

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Risk propensity

describes the willingness to make decisions even under uncertainty and to accept possible failure. People with a high risk propensity are prepared to accept failure in the sense of financial as well as personal loss, provided they rate the prospect of success higher than the probability of failure. Already the first formal definition

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Extraversion & Charisma

describes emotional expressiveness, self-confidence, self-determination, and freedom from inner conflict. Charismatic people are not stewards of the status quo. They seek stimulation, set idealized goals, and show a strong commitment to those goals. People with a high degree of extraversion appear active, dominant, and are socially energetic. They set high expectations and

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