Value orientation

Describes a clearly defined, overarching value system that governs all thought and action. Every person has his or her own construct of values: An invisible guideline consisting of what is personally important to one, what one is willing to give and what one demands from one's fellow human beings. Values provide orientation and set the standard for what,

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describes the tendency to assert oneself in the face of others and to actively overcome resistance. People with high assertiveness tend to have a dominant demeanor and put their own needs above the needs of others in social situations. For assertive people, success means removing obstacles. They want to achieve their goals in the face of all resistance -

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describes the breadth, depth and complexity of a person's world of thought. The personality trait "openness" is one of the characteristics of the Big Five or OCEAN model. It characterizes people who have an intellectual curiosity and feel the urge to gain experience and implement new ideas. Open-minded people like variety and often question the tried and true.

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Need for autonomy

describes the urge to take control of one's own life and to shape it independently of external influences or supposed limitations. People with a strong desire for independence want to make it on their own. Success only really counts if it has been achieved independently, if possible without outside help. Therefore, it is often difficult to accept support.

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Need for achievement

describes the willingness to commit oneself to goals on one's own responsibility and to a high degree. Achievement-oriented people have the desire to create something important, to acquire certain skills or to meet high standards. They set high standards for themselves and enjoy competing with others. Defeats challenge them to try even harder

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Entrepreneural Passion

describes the degree of emotion that goes hand in hand with the understanding of one's role in relation to entrepreneurship and is significant for one's own identity. Entrepreneurially passionate people are ready to devote themselves to their goals with full vigor, mustering all their strength. They want to put their know-how and experience into practice, they live and love what they do.

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describes the ability and willingness to approach the familiar in a new way. Progress requires leaving behind familiar ways of thinking. In the process, boundaries are questioned and consciously transcended in order to gain a new perspective on the interrelationships. Innovative people think and act creatively, they act instead of react and actively initiate change. The ability

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